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The 13th Five-Year Plan Period Is an Important Window Period for China’s Transformation of Agricultural Development Strategy


One of the major tasks in the course of economic and social development during the 13th Five-Year Plan period is to address some urgent issues, and one of them is agricultural modernization.

Promoting Economic Transformation and Upgradingthrough IT Application


The information technology (IT) application has been and will become more influential to the national economic and social development.

“Internet Plus” Reclamation: Fostering a New Type of Business


On May 20th, 2015, the “Internet Plus” Era of Renewable Resources Industry Innovation and Development Forum was held, which gave a strong boost to the development of “Internet Plus renewable resources”.

Changes of Farmland Ownership and Operation Mode in China


Based on the farmland ownership structure after China’s rural land reform, farmland ownership is now protected by Land Contract Law and Property Law.

Speed up the Development of the Distributed Power Architecture and Optimize China’s Mode of Power Supply*


China’s power supply-demand situation is still very grave in 2004.

Recommendations for the Legislation of Social Credit System


The establishment and improvement of social credit system is a prerequisite for improving the socialist market economic system, and is also the fundamental solution to regulating the market order.

A Basic Judgment of the Management of Human Resources in Chinese Enterprises


There is a world of difference in terms of age, educational qualification and the allocation of human resource management staff in Chinese domestic enterprises with different backgrounds.

Five Questions to Be Solved in Cancellation of the Three Agricultural Taxes and the Policy Proposals (Excerpts)


Fund supply for rural public service seems to come mainly from the new agricultural taxes after the reform of the rural taxation.