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Why Reform Leaves Township Bodies Intact?


By examining the expansion of township governments’ setups, we may find at least four reasons for their expansion. First, the staffing framework is gigantic perse.

The Clash of Orders and Governance Reform: Views on the Management of Famers’ Flow


With regard to the clash of social orders, the scale of floating population will definitely affect the established order of urban society.

Community Conflicts and New Power Relations: Preliminary Analysis of 196 Letters from Farmers


Reform has brought about profound changes to the rudimentary power structure of villages. The power of community cadres is no longer involved in direct production and operation fields and their capability to control resources is largely reduced.

Reasons for Farmers to Leave Hometown and Their Expectations for Future Life: Survey on 688 migrant workers in Shanghai and southern Jiangsu province


The background of migrant workers varies in different areas. In terms of the specific entities of migration, the reasons for farmers’ migration are different relating to their motivations, family conditions and personal background.

Former Villages Are No Longer There: Observationsin Rural Areas


Literature researches and data analysis can illustrate the changes in rural areas, but as regards farmers’ life, a lot of changes cannot be detected by data analysis.

Some Inadvisable Issues in Rural Governance


The opening-up of villages has brought about full exchanges of resources and information with the outside world.

Rural Development and New Paradigm for Governance


The new rural policy issued by current government indicates that China’s rural development has entered an inspiring golden period.

Farmers’ Involvement Is the Fundamental Driver for Township Reform


With regard to rural development, the model of farmers’ involvement has been introduced to China’s for quite a number of years.