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Community-level Democracy and Enforcement of Law-Based Governance


In reviewing China’s community-level democracy progress since reform and opening-up, we may find on one hand, the social foundation of democracy progress is rapidly expanding and numerous new forces are becoming the propeller for democratization.

Community-level Democracy Should Extend to the Economic Sector


The reports delivered at the 15th and 16th National Congresses of the Communist Party of China took expanding community-level democracy and fully motivating the people as a key task of the political system reform.

State-owned Enterprises’ Outward Investment and the Structural Reform in China


Since China’s accession to the WTO in 2001, China has been on a steep learning curve in terms of engaging in outward direct investment, and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have played a predominant role in this drive.

Petitions and Petition System —— Analysis on Farmers’ Petitions Addressed to the Government


Farmers’ petitions give a concentrated expression to various conflicts in rural areas, posing a great challenge to some local governments.

China’s Grassroots Democracy and International Influence


Globalization is not a one-fold economic process but involves rich political implications as well.Globalization has brought complicated influencing factors to China’s grassroots democratic politics.

Grassroots Organizations: New Structure and Democratic Development


The development of China’s grassroots democracy results from social transition and change in institutional structure brought about by reform and opening-up.

Petition System and Social Stability


With regard to social stability mechanism, petition system should be examined from the following aspects. First, can the fundamental community-level conflicts be resolved through petitions?

The Historical Process of Township Reform


By examining the goals and process of county and township reform in the past 20 years and more, we may find that practical evolvement of reform tend to go beyond the initial good wishes for policy design and get landed in a weak position.