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Crisis and Reform: Governance of County and Township Governments


Since the turn of the new century, the county and township governments have witnessed major changes relating to their position in the government system.

A Proper Approach towards the Flow of Rural Population


The large-scale migration of farmers in various regions has become a big issue in China's social and economic life since reform and also a major fact in the course of the modernization drive in China's rural areas.

Survival Strategies of Different Townships


As China's rural tax-for-fees reform keeps deepening, some problems of township fiscal crisis gradually emerge.

Grassroots Government: Institutional Conflict and Governance Crisis


The effectiveness of state governance system and governance ability is reflected in the performance of grassroots governance.

Villagers' Self-Governance: Review and Preview


Villagers' self-governance in China has gone through almost three decades though we knew even then that the road for China's grassroots democracy would not be smooth.

Du Runsheng on Policy Research


In the history of New China's policy research, Du Runsheng (1913-2015) is an important figure well-known for his contributions.

Rural Issues and Institutionalization of Government


Serious problems that have occurred in rural areas in the past several years are mainly attributed to grassroots governments.

Rural Labor Migration: A Preliminary Study on Its Costs and Risks


China's rural labor migration has attracted wide attention because of the economic and social problems brought about by such a move.