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Analysis of Enterprise Questionnaire Survey on Export Growth during the First Half of 2015


The questionnaires collected from about 20 provinces and cities in China, are focused on enterprise export growth.

Experience and Lessons Drawn from South Korea's Financial Liberalization Reform


Since 1980s, South Korea's financial reform has undergone three major institutional changes and adjustments.

Let "Growth Supremacism" Get Back to the Right Track of Economic Development


By "growth supremacism", it means to make everything center around economic growth.

Keep Speeding up Reform of Resource Prices


Resource prices in China currently face many problems which boil down to pricing mechanism embodied in the following three aspects.

Leverage Hong Kong's Advantage to Provide Strong Financial Support to the Joint Construction of One Belt and One Road Initiative


The joint construction of One Belt and One Road initiative bears an extraordinary significance to Hong Kong SAR, Chinese mainland and the world as a whole.

Transformational Changes and Rebalance of China's Economic Operation


GDP statistics show that China's economic downward pressure has been mounting in recent years.

New Challenges Posed by the New Normal for China's Financial System


The next five years will be a very critical period for China's economic transformation and also one for an array of reforms including financial reform in China.

Tapping Potential of PPP to Address Economic Downturn Pressure


A large portion of which comes from the fast-growing financial industry.