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A Questionnaire-based Survey: Analysis on Export Growth of Foreign Trade Enterprises


A questionnaire-based survey was conducted on present export growth related to 225 foreign trade enterprises in more than 20 cities across the country in June of 2013.

Split of China's Monetary Finance from the Real Economy: Facts and Reasons


In recent years, the monetary finance has split apart from the real economy in China, thus dramatically dragging down the output efficiency of the monetary finance input.

Development Stage for China's Industrial Technologies and the Innovation Models


China's science and technology input has witnessed a swift growth, with the science and technology funds and the R&D expenditures both growing faster than GDP growth.

Basic Approach and Relevant Measures for Deepening China's Price Reform


The deep-seated problems confronting China's price reform have remained for many years, and the distorted factor prices have led to irrational resource allocation, unbalanced structure and an extensive mode of development.

Basic Approach and Major Measures for Optimized Allocation of Powers and Responsibilities between Central and Local Governments


The allocation of powers and responsibilities among the governments refers to how governments at all levels allocate and exercise different powers and responsibilities under the national public power system.

Development of China's HR Service Industry:Major Existing Problems and Policy Options


In recent years, with its diversifying service scopes and contents and its growing ability to serve the economic and social development, the HR (human resource) service industry has constantly expanded in China, playing an important role in boosting employment.

Expediting the Development of Clean Gas Energy: An Important Option for China’s Sustainable Development Strategy


Expediting clean gas energies can effectively ease enormous pressures arising from energy security.

Enhance Grain Production Capacity to Ensure National Food Security


It is an eternal social rule that a nation will enjoy peace when people have sufficient clothing and food and the granaries are full.