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Prospects for China's Air Pollution Control: Problems and Policy Options


In recent years, the haze weather occurring in most places of China has drawn extensive public attention, becoming a hot environmental issue for the present time.

China's Carbon Intensity over the Next Decade: Its Reduction Would Slow down the Growth of Total Emissions


The carbon emissions of an economy depend on three factors: total GDP, the amount of energy consumed per unit of GDP, and the carbon emissions generated per unit of energy consumption.

The Development Trend of Globalization and Its Impact on China


Globalization has further strengthened interdependence between various countries through economic development.

Promoting Economic Restructuring through Innovation, Reform and Opening-up


Economic restructuring is a major issue concerning the development of China in a long time to come and also an issue of high concern for the central government.

Output Reduction, Transformation, and Improvement of Quality and Efficiency for Industries with Excess Overcapacity


Since August 2014, China's economy has witnessed an increasing downward pressure for economic development.

State-owned Enterprise Reform: New Paradigm and Policy Challenges


The old paradigm of state-owned enterprise (SOE) reform is an ownership reform which is reactive and passive by nature.