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Ten-year Outlook: Decline of Potential Growth Rate and Start of a New Phase of Growth


The reform and opening-up strategy initiated in 1978 opens the era of China's economic take-off in a modern sense.

Strive to Enhance Economic Performance in a Stable and Sustainable Manner


Despite the overall economic upturn worldwide since 2013, structural contradictions and risks have increased in the Chinese economy.

Pressing Issues to be Addressed to Promote Grain Producers' Income Growth


Tan Yejun, a farmer in Sijiazi Village, Daliba Town, Qianguo County of Jilin Province, has a three-member family with three hectares of contracted farmland mainly for grain growing.

New Connotations in the Period of Strategic Opportunities


The world economy has witnessed swift reform and transformation after the outbreak of international financial crisis.

China's Monetary Regulation and Control: Challenges and Countermeasures


Currency always plays its role in offering the financial services with the aid of a specific financial system.

An Objective Assessment of the Current "Shadow Banking" from the Perspective of Financial Structure Evolution


Recently, with bank financial products becoming a hotspot topic in China, the shadow banking has become a concept of common concern.

New Changes in China's Regional Economic Development Trend


In 2011, regional economic growth declined at large in China, and in most regions the economic growth all underwent a deceleration after experiencing acceleration.

Predicament in Present Labor Recruitment and Expectations for Future Development Trend


In recent years, labor shortage and the difficulty in recruiting workers have become the increasingly outstanding problems as a result of the drastic rise of the labor cost.