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The Transformation and Development of China's Textile Enterprises


In recent years, the output value and the profit growth of China's textile industry have been decreasing on a yearly basis.

Cultivated Land Protection in the Course of Urbanization: Challenges and Policy Options


Since the reform and opening up, China's economic and social progress has developed continuously and rapidly, and the level of urbanization has been improved significantly.

Development of China's Labor Service Dispatching Industry: Issues and Solutions


Labor service dispatching is otherwise known as human resource dispatch, talent dispatch, talent leasing or employee leasing.

Policy Options on Scientifically and Reasonably Developing Cloud Water Resources


Cloud water resources refer to the total of liquid and solid water in the atmosphere that can be directly developed and utilized through artificial intervention.

Great Importance Should Be Attached to the Prevention and Control of PM2.5 Pollution in China


In recent years, due to a growing number of pollutants running riot in some cities, such as the "smog" weather, PM2.5 has become the focus of major environmental concerns among the public and of the public opinion.

Safeguarding Food Security and Safety through Reform and Innovation


It is the common goal of mankind to have enough to eat and feel secure which can only be achieved by scientific policy-making.

Government's Role in Guiding Ecological Civilization Construction


Ecological civilization construction is generally considered part of governmental responsibilities.

Improving the Management System of State-owned Assets


Improving the management system of state-owned assets1 is a crucial step to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises.