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Some Suggestions on Deepening the Reform of China's Monitoring System for Ambient Air Quality


During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China has tremendously improved its ambient air quality monitoring capability.

Strategic Thinking on Optimizing and Upgrading Industrial Structure in Hebei Province


Hebei Province enjoys a prominent strategic position.

Appeals of Urban and Rural Residents and Policy Suggestions on Compulsory Education in China


Since 2006, financial authorities at all levels in China have increased their financial support in education.

Developing New-Type Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics and Promoting State Governance Modernization


As an integral part of the modern state governance system, think tanks are the major embodiment of soft power of a country.

Substantially Improving the Development of Metropolitan Circles


Metropolitan circles are the advanced stage of urbanization.

Current Status, Problems and Countermeasures for M-commerce Development in China


In recent years, the rapid popularization of mobile Internet has laid the foundation for M-commerce development.

Ways for the Government to Promote Technical Innovation with the Help of Market Mechanism


The 18th CPC National Congress put forward the innovation-driven development strategy.

Bubbles in China's Economic Circulation


In nature, the bubble economy is a self-circulation based on separation.