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Properly Define Agricultural Land Property Right, Contracting Right and Management Right


During an inspection tour in Hubei province in July 2013 on how to comprehensively deepen reform, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed the issue of a proper handling of the relations between rural land property right.

Development Strategy for People's Livelihood in the New Era


Being of vital significance, improving people's livelihood is the ultimate goal of development and the driving force for social progress.

Policy Options for Mitigating "Shadow Banking" Risks in China


In response to the problems and potential risks in banks' wealth management business, China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) has promulgated a series of laws and regulations since 2009.

China's Global Agricultural Strategy: Supportive Policies and Guarantee Measures for Its Implementation


From the perspective of China's basic national conditions and the overall situation of reform and opening up, we should, in one or two decades to come, enhance our strategic awareness of further opening-up agricultural sector.

China's Energy Policies: Major Contradictions and Future Strategic Transformation


Over the past 30 years, China's energy system has witnessed a marked progress and is now experiencing a crucial period of transformation for its future development.

Current Status of Soil Pollution in China and Countermeasures for Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment


The southern region of China is exposed to higher ecological risks than the northern part due to soil pollution.