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China's Financial Transition: Logic and Difficulty


Over the past decades since reform and opening up, Chinese economy has maintained a rapid growth thanks to industrialization driven by heavy industry.

Economic Growth Getting Stabilized despite Slowdown, Improvement to Be Made Through Supply Policy


A slight slowdown in economic growth continued into the first quarter of 2012, the longest deceleration period in China since 1992.

Basic Approach to Establishing a Scientific Development Evaluation System


Establishing the scientific development evaluation system and designing a series of measurable objective and subjective indicators reflecting the essential requirement of the scientific outlook on development is an important way to promote substantial change of the development pattern and propel scientific development.

New Situations Facing the Promotion of Major Agricultural Products Supply in China and Relevant Policy Options


Over the next decade, the industrialization and urbanization in China will maintain the momentum of rapid development.

Opening-up of Chinese Agriculture: Influence, Lessons and Strategic Options*


Agriculture was one of the most difficult issues in the negotiation for China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Press Ahead with the Establishment of the Mechanism with Lasting Effect for Enterprise Technological Innovation


Enterprise technological innovation is to improve the existing production and management and boost the enterprise's operation efficiency.

Make Use of Low Hilly Slopes in a Scientific and Orderly Way and Strive to Relieve the Shortage of Farmland


China's mountainous regions and hilly lands make up 65% of the country's land resources.

How to Judge the Reasonable Level of Housing Prices


In recent years, China has unveiled a series of real property regulatory policies to hold back the excessively fast rise of housing prices in some regions and to return such prices to a reasonable level.