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Sustainably Improving the Support Capacity of Food Security and Food Safety with Reform and Innovation


President Xi Jinping has given top priority to food security and proposed the national strategy.

Energy Production and Consumption Change Matters in Modernization


The traditional energy production and consumption model based on fossil fuel consumes too much energy and creates pollution.

Building New Chinese Think Tanks and Promoting Modern National Governance


Think tanks are an important part of modern national governance and reflect the soft power of a country.

Using Reforms as an Opportunity to Push Company Transformation


Global economy is in transition and is forcing Chinese companies to enter a critical period of improvements.

Making Great Efforts to Cultivate New Driving Forces for Economic Growth


This year saw a smooth start to China's economic development, with economic operation within expectations.

Housing Security is Critical for China's Long-term Stability


People are the foundation of a nation, and a nation can enjoy peace only when its foundation is solid.

Social Fairness and Justice Through Reform


Reform and opening up is not only a crucial choice that China made regarding its destiny in modern times, but also plays a decisive role in reaching two centennial goals and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.