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The Status Quo of China's Electric Auto Industry


In China, the HEV technologies have been constantly improved and the technical schemes have been enriched on the whole.

The Driving Force, Models and Policy Options for Restructuring and Upgrading Traditional Industries


The restructuring and upgrading of traditional industries is not something that can be accomplished overnight, but takes a fairly long period of time.

A Survey-based Analysis on Current Business Efficiency of China's Industrial Enterprises


From January through August 2012, the business efficiency of China's industrial enterprises slid down dramatically along with the notable slowdown of China's economic growth.

Policy Options on Boosting Price Monitoring and Control


Keeping commodity prices basically stable is one of the major goals of macroeconomic control.

Enhancing the Transformation of the Mode of Economic Development and Promoting the Smooth Economic Performance


Since the beginning of 2012, the European debt crisis has become further worsened, and global economic growth has slowed down significantly.

Actively Respond to the Challenges of High Cost Era


Since the implementation of reform and opening-up policy, the "low cost competitive advantage" has always been a powerful weapon for Chinese products to have a place in the international market.

Relevant Observations on "Top-Level Design"


The coming five to ten years are critical both for China's economic development and for the governing of the Communist Party of China.

Developing Small and Micro Finance: A Focus in Forthcoming Financial Reform


The credit growth rate of China's commercial banking system has been lower than expected since the beginning of 2012, which is beyond the expectations of many researchers.