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Speed up Financial Cooperation Institutionalization


In an era full of opportunities, financial cooperation between the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong should develop in a comprehensive manner.

Adhering to a Distinctively Chinese Approach to Reform


China has already entered a historic new phase of efforts to comprehensively deepen reform.

Building China’s New International Strength


At the Second Session of the 12th National People's Congress on March 5, Premier Li Keqiang presented the Report on the Work of the Government, where he reviewed the achievements in economic and social development, analyzed the current situation and problems with insight and proposed government work plan and policy emphasis for this year.

Integration of Urban and Rural Development


To pursue a new type of urbanization with Chinese characteristics, we should coordinate the development of urban and rural areas by dealing with issues concerning "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" with new-type urbanization supported by agricultural modernization.

Exploring the Development of New Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics


We should facilitate the building of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics.

An Exploratory Analysis of China's Strategy for Future Energy Development


Energy issue is of strategic importance affecting China's overall economic and social development.