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An Analysis of the Energy Market Situation in 2010 and A Forecast of the Performance Trends in 2011


In 2010, the output of major energy products grew rapidly.

Financial Straits Facing Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Local Financial Innovation


Technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises are the most active innovation-oriented group among all small and medium-sized enterprises.

Shandong's Iron and Steel Industry: Development and Restructuring during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period


China's iron and steel industry has scored rapid progress in the past 10 years.

Rural Migrant Workers' Social Integration: Policy Implications and Options for Further Improvement


The issue of social integration of rural migrant workers in China arises from the fact that since the end of the 1980s more and more rural migrant workers have entered cities for employment or business opportunities.

The Changing Degree of China's Regional Economic Integration and Relevant Policy Implications


China's domestic regional economic integration is an important issue dealt with by regional economics and regional policy.

Basic Ideas and Key Tasks for Solving Resource and Environmental Problems in New Situation


Solving resource and environmental problems will become a major step to pursue a substantial change of the mode of development.

Fully Tap Spillover Effect of Multinational R&D Institutions


This research group has recently made an in-depth investigation of 11 multinational R&D institutions based in Beijing and Shanghai and conducted discussions with more than 30 R&D institutions.

Growth of China's Credit Card Market: Major Issues and Countermeasures


Status Quo of the Ever-increasing Credit Card Market in China