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Longstanding Mechanisms Required for Urban Garbage Disposal


Garbage is an issue that concerns people's livelihood and impacts people's living environment and physical health.

System Environment Essential to Software Industry's Innovation and Development


China's software industry in recent years has been developing exceptionally fast and playing important roles in China's industrial restructuring and upgrading.

China's Intellectual Property System Should Focus on Backing Up Re-innovation


This paper first points out that China's intellectual property (IP) system should focus on backing up re-innovation by Chinese enterprises.

Stabilize Macro-policy and Vigorously Prompt the Reforms in Related Areas


The year of 2011 will be the outset of the 12th Five-year Plan period.

Be Cautious about GMF Crop Commercialization


At the end of 2009, the Ministry of Agriculture approved the safety certificate for three genetically modified rice and maize varieties.

Earnestly Safeguard Farmers' Land Rights and Interests in the Process of Urbanization


Urbanization is one of the important features over more than thirty years of reform and opening up in China.

China Stepping into the Period for the Accelerated Development of Its Agricultural Modernization


Since mid-1990s, the transformation of the traditional agriculture has been notably expedited in China.

Tax Revenue's Deviation from Tax Sources Detrimental to Coordinated Regional Development


Tax sources constitute the economic source of tax revenue.