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The Positive Role Played by Foreign-invested Enterprises in Independent Innovation


To develop independent innovation is an important task in facilitating the change of the mode of economic development in China.

Business Model for Chinese Enterprises to Make Overseas Investment, Merger & Acquisition: Types and Conclusions


Since 21st century, overseas investment, merger and acquisition conducted by Chinese enterprises have been growing rapidly.

Mechanism and Experiences for Technology Digestion, Absorption and Re-innovation in China's Railway Equipment Manufacturing Industry


Since the reform and opening up, the innovation on China's railway equipment manufacturing industry can be divided into four stages.

China's Producer Service Industries: Status Quo and Major Issues


In recent years, the growth of China's service industry as a whole has become visibly faster, with both modern service industries and producer service industries rising fairly fast.

China's Catastrophe Insurance System: Concepts and Policy Options


The establishment of a catastrophe insurance system has been studied for over a decade, but there has been no substantial progress in this respect mainly due to the following difficulties.

Current Real Estate Performance and Policy Options for Further Improvement of Real Estate Market


In 2009, sales of commercial housing across the country totaled an area of 937.13 million square meters, up by 42.1%, year on year.

Ways for Regulating China's Real Estate Market


Today there are divergent views on China's real estate market.

Guidelines and Proposals for Promoting the Development of Environmental Industry


Environmental industry is a general term for the activities of technology and product development, commercial circulation, resource utilization, information service and engineering contracting.