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Development and Competitiveness of China's Key Industries1


The key industries such as petrochemicals, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, equipment making, electronic information, light industry, textiles, auto-making and shipbuilding have scored tremendous development since the beginning of the new century.

Basic Approach and Policy Options for Rural Reform and Development during 12th Five-Year Plan Period


China has entered the stage where industry promotes agriculture and urban areas elevate rural areas.

Features and Changes of Spatial Distribution of China's Manufacturing Industry


Optimizing the spatial distribution of industries is important for raising the efficiency of resource utilization, promoting coordinated regional development and enhancing industrial competitiveness.

With Economic Performance Back to Normal Growth, Government Should Actively Push forward Reforms in Related Fields


The year of 2011 is the first year of the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the environment of external development is slightly better than that of last year and both domestic investment and consumption will witness a fast growth.

Household Register Reform: Experience, Lessons and Solutions


China's household register system is not only a population management system based on household register.

Adherence to the Managed Floating Exchange Rate Regime Is in the Interests of China


The monetary performance of a nation is finally determined by four external financial variables including monetary policy, financial supervision, microscopic behavior and exchange rate.

Major Tasks and Measures for Protecting Farmer-Workers' Rights and Interests during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period


Step up guidance and service to farmer-workers to work in urban areas and reasonably guide farmer-workers to work in eastern coastal regions and in large and medium-sized cities.

Strategies for China's Mineral Resources in the Course of Industrialization


Being vast in territory, China is a big producer, consumer and importer of mineral resources. With a rich aggregate, China's total of mineral resources ranks third in the world in terms of potential value.