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China's Intellectual Property Management in Science and Technology


The creation and protection of proprietary intellectual properties in line with systems engineering requires the active cooperation from all government departments.

Chinese Oil Supply and Demand: Status Quo,Prospects and Relevant Counter-Measures


Oil crops are important staple agricultural products of China.

New Energy Industries: Development Principles and Policy Options


The largest wind-power unit capacity has risen from 30KW in the 1980s to 5,000KW.

China's Grain Supply and Demand: Present State, Prospects and Countermeasures


Natural disasters affected 41.09 million hectares of farmland and caused crop failure to 24.63 hectares or 59.9% of the total affected acreage.

Principles and Policy Options for Optimizing Income Distribution During 12th Five-Year Plan Period


China's personal consumption trend and consumption rate have plummeted in recent years.

Take a Forward-Looking Approach to Ensure a Long-Term, Steady and Fast Development of Chinese Economy


This year and especially since the second quarter, the central economic stimulus package has begun to show policy effects.

Dynamic Data of China's Macro Economy in the First Three Quarters of 2009


China has successfully carried out the package plan on proactively combating the international financial crisis and promoting the rapid and steady growth of the economy.

Private Equity Investment by China's Insurance Companies: Analysis on the Legal and Tax Environment, Supervision and Implementation


Before 2006, China had quickened its pace in broadening the channel for utilization of insurance funds.