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Pronounced Macro-control Effect with a Steadily Booming Economy: A Macro-control Policy Aimed at Stabilizing Economic Growth and Market Prices for Next Year


Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the State Council have come up with a package of economic stimulus plans.

Seize Historic Opportunity to Develop New-Energy Vehicles


Under the tremendous pressure of energy environment, the auto industry has been looking for clean energies and substitute energies for a long time.

Dynamic Data of China's Macro Economy in the First Half of 2009


During the first half of this year, various localities and departments in China have conscientiously carried out the economic package stimulus program laid down by the Chinese Central Government and the State Council and the national economy has shown a stable and recovering trend.

Evaluation and Analysis of the Policy on Centralized Purchase of Drugs by Medical Institutions in China*


This report made an evaluation and an analysis on the impacts of the Centralized Purchase of Drugs Policy by examining the responses of diversified stakeholders.

Pronounced Recovery and Heightened Inflation Expectations: Enhancing the Sustainability and Flexibility of Policies


The package economic stimulus program formulated by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council has achieved remarkable success in stabilizing the economic performance and bringing about a pronounced economic recovery.

Structural Features of China's Personal Savings and Ways for Consumption Boosting


High savings rate is an important factor to support China's high investment and high growth.

Growth of China's Domestic Demand: Main Features and Trend for Future Performance


Over the past 30 years since reform and opening up, domestic demand in China has maintained a fast growth on the whole.

China's Export and Foreign Investment Are Unlikely to Pick Up Soon While World Economic Downturn Eases


Currently, the international financial crisis has shown visible signs of easing.