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Promoting Transformation of Growth Model for Textile Industry through Innovation


Textile industry is the traditional pillar industry in national economy, as well as an important industry for people's well-being.

China's Digital Television Industry: Status Quo, Problems and Policy Options


At the end of 2008, China's digital television users totaled more than 60 million, accounting for about 15% of the country's total television users.

Suggestions on Promoting a Sound Development of Wind Power Industry


At the same time, a series of incentive measures, such as the launch of wind power franchise rights bidding and favorable fiscal and tax policies, greatly enhanced the development of wind power exploitation and wind power equipments manufacturing.

Development of Real Estate Industry in Recent Years and Relevant Policy Options


The demand boom has attracted large numbers of enterprises into the real estate industry, thus expanding the industry at a fast pace.

A Correct Understanding of Current Real Estate Performance for the Promotion of a Smooth Development in Real Estate Market


From January to August 2009, the area of nationwide sold newly-built commercial housing was 494,160,000m2, increased by 42.9% over the same period of the previous year.

Formation and Features of China's New Grain Reserve System


Grain reserves, as the key strategic materials of China, have played an important role in safeguarding the grain market and social stability.

China's Urbanization: Basic Trend, Strategic Options and Priorities


China's urbanization, which has been rising one percentage point annually over three decades, will continue to advance at fairly fast speed in the next decade

The Prominent Contradictions, Basic Tasks, Prospect and Policy Options for China’s Economic and Social Development for the 11th Five-Year Plan and through to 2020*


Thanks to hard work in the first four years of the 10thFive-Year Plan, the Chinese economy has entered a new round of growth.