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Higher Level of Electrification Promotes Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection


Electric energy is a secondary energy with high quality converted from various primary energies.

Suggestions on Further Adjusting and Optimizing China's Oil Industrial Organizations


Currently, the financial crisis sweeping across the globe has made a strong impact on the world economy.

Current Economic Performance: Issues and Policy Options1


There were signs that economic performance started bottoming out in January and February 2009.

Join Hands to Explore Sound Solutions to Crisis


First of all, on behalf of the Development Research Center of the State Council please allow me to express my warm welcome and sincere thanks to all those attending China Development Forum 2009.

From Global Inflation to U.S. Financial Crisis


2008 was a year of drastic world economic turmoil.

Spur Rural Consumption: Difficulties and Suggestions


In spurring domestic consumption, the greatest potential lies in the rural areas.

Issues Concerning Rural Migrant Workers: Strategic Framework and Policy Options


Rural migrant workers are a new work force against the backdrop of China's reform and opening up as well as industrialization and urbanization in China.

Upgrade China's Auto Industry by Developing Electric Vehicles


The recent adoption of the auto industry promotion plan by the State Council is a strategic measure taken by China to cope with the global financial crisis and promote industrial upgrading.