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Performance Features of Logistics Industry1 in 2008 and Analysis of its Development Trend in 2009


Since 2008, China's logistics industry has maintained a rapid development on the whole.

Production Service Sector in Beijing: Measures for Its Further Development


The production service sector in Beijing started from a higher point and has become, with a good industrial foundation, an important force fueling the economic growth of Beijing over recent years.

SME Labor-Capital Relations:Changes and Adjustment in Economic Downturn


Case Studies on SMEs in Ningbo and Wenzhou Cities

Opening Wider to the Outside World and Promoting Self-Innovation


Over the past 30 years since the implementation of the policy of reform and opening-up, China firmly seized the strategic opportunity of economic globalization by adopting the market for technology strategy through strongly attracting foreign direct investment.

Dynamic Data of China's Macro Economy in the First Quarter of 2009


China has conscientiously carried out the package plan formulated by the Central Government on further expanding domestic demand and maintaining the steady and rapid growth of the national economy.

Dynamic Data on China's Macro Economy in 2008


Chinese people united as one and maintained a relatively rapid development of national economy and social affairs.

Restructuring and Upgrading of Processing Trade: Development Trend and Policy Options


China's processing trade, which was initiated in 1979, now accounts for half of the country's foreign trade volume.

City Renewal in the Course of Rapid Urbanization: Problems and Policy Options


China is in a process of rapid urbanization.