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China Enterprise Development Report 2013


This is the annual review of the Enterprise Research Institute's major research results in the following areas

Think Tank Report - the World's Major Countries


The China Financial & Economic Publishing House published a book titled Overseas A Think Tank Think Tank Report - the World's Major Countries in January 2014.

China 2030


China’s economic performance over the past 30 years has been remarkable. It is a unique development success story, providing valuable lessons for other countries seeking to emulate this success—lessons about the importance of adapting to local initiative and interregional competition.

Effect Evaluation and Future Direction of China's Affordable Housing Policy


This is a review of China's affordable housing policy and its evolution through the analysis of the central government's, local governments', property developer's, and housing purchasers' roles and their relationships.

Trap or Wall? Real Challenges and Strategic Choice in China's Economy


China's GDP has exceeded that of Japan and it has become the second largest economy in the world, since 2010, with its per capita income going from low or medium to medium to high.

China's New Development (2013) (Chinese Version)


The book China's New Development (2013) (Chinese Version) contains four parts.

A Small Policy, but a Big Strategy — A Policy Evaluation of Assigning University Graduates to the Countryside


This is a comprehensive review of China's policy of getting university graduates to go to the countryside, using various reports.

China Enterprise Development Report 2012


This book attempts to answer some of the frequently asked questions.

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