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Asset Bubble: International Experience and Current Situation in China


Economic bubbles have run through the history of modern global economic development from the Dutch Tulip Bubble in 1630 to the international financial crisis in 2008.

Behind the Boom: China's Economic Miracle


This book incorporated the in-depth analysis made by scores of experts and scholars, focusing on China's economic development from diverse perspectives.

Farmers and Reform


This book is a collection of the author's observations of life in recent years, focusing on the relationship between farmers and reform.

An Introduction to "Farmers' New Destiny"


This book focuses upon the historical destiny of farmers in contemporary China.

Global Supply Chain: Implications of the Financial Crisis and China's Strategy


Because the international financial crisis has an impact on global supply chains, the question of how to get an upper hand is a major concern in many countries.

China Enterprise Development Report 2013


This is the annual review of the Enterprise Research Institute's major research results in the following areas

Think Tank Report - the World's Major Countries


The China Financial & Economic Publishing House published a book titled Overseas A Think Tank Think Tank Report - the World's Major Countries in January 2014.