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Development Strategy and Regional Economy

Strategy for Upgrading the Competitiveness of Emerging Powers (No.197, 2015)


In the course of economic globalization, there are winners and losers.

Innovation Breakthrough: Why Shenzhen Performs Better? (No 160, 2015)


This paper attempts to explore the pattern of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Adjustment should be made on the Reform of Dividing Functions and Powers between Central and Local Governments (No 157, 2015)


To divide functions and powers between central and local governments according to the range of administrative influence is the major approach applied in the on-going reform.

New Strategic Areas in the Central Region: Identification Study Based on Counties (No 154, 2015)


New strategic areas bear huge significance for adapting to and guiding the new normal and promoting steady and continued economic growth.

Improve Regional Environmental Regulation and Optimize Productivity Layout (No 153, 2015)


China's regulation system for regional environment keeps improving, but resource and environmental capacity between regions differ hugely and environmental regulation intensity between the regions also varies eminently.

Industrial and Spatial Characteristics of Innovation: Enlightenments to China's Implementation of Innovation-Driven Strategy (No 141, 2015)


Transformation to innovation-driven economy is an important way for China to address challenges.

Approaches and Countermeasures towards Current Regional Divergence (No 139, 2015)


Ever since China's economy entered the state of new normal, divergence among regions has become much more prominent due to different development stages and capacities.

Features of China's Regional Difference Evolvement since Reform and Opening-up (No 133, 2015)


This paper analyzes changes of disparities in different regions' per capita output, regional labor productivity, regional productivity of three industries, and regional employment proportions.

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