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Pushing forward greater mixed ownership development (No 6, 2015)


China has had some achievements in its mixed ownership economy but there is still a lot to be done.

Comprehending State-owned companies' function of providing social services (No 5, 2015)


The focus of State-owned companies providing social services is their supplies of water, heat, electricity, and logistics.

State-owned assets operating agency's international experiences (No 170, 2014)


Temasek, Norway Government Pension Fund Global and EDF Group are representatives of three types of State-owned assets operating institutions.

Explorations into managing local State-owned assets (No 173, 2014)


local authorities in different regions have made fruitful explorations into how to manage State-owned assets.

Encouraging local governments to explore new State-owned assets management (No 163, 2014)


State-owned assets and State-owned enterprise reforms have been slow in some areas.

Operation and governance of State-owned capital investment companies (No 162, 2014)


State-owned capital investment companies are an important way to improve the supervision of State-owned assets, with the focus on capital management.

Suggestions for pilot State-owned capital investment companies (No 161, 2014)


State-owned capital investment companies serve as an isolation layer between the government and State-owned enterprises and they are different to some extent.

Improving State-owned assets management system (No 160, 2014)


The government needs to improve the State-owned assets management system by separating the supervision, decision-making, and implementation.