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Ways for Addressing Financing Difficulties of Small and Micro-Enterprises: Reducing Information Asymmetry and Improving Professional Services(No. 53, 2016)


The primary cause of small and micro-enterprises’ financing difficulty is due to the fact that banks couldn’t get to know the effective information about their financial conditions, the actual controller status, as well as their production and sales conditions, leading to severe information asymmetry.

Retrospect of Chinese Monetary Policy Performance in 2015 and Prospect of 2016(No.51, 2016)


We should actively prevent and properly handle financial risks and keep money creation mechanism unhindered; relevant policies and supporting measures for reform need to be made to prevent further distortion of resource allocation structure caused by monetary policy.

Evaluation of Rural Credit System Building--Taking the Credit System Building of Anshun City’s Rural Credit Cooperatives As an Example(No.49, 2016)


To evaluate the effects of rural credit system building, we made field surveys in Anshun city of Guizhou province, as this city enjoys a complete rural households’ credit information system.

Further Enhance China’s Financial Institutions’ Capabilities of International Operation


In recent years, China’s financial institutions have rapidly improved their capital strength and the globalized level.

Experience Drawn from Australia’s Effort to Ward off Systematic Financial Risks(No.19,2016)


To learn about experience from the Australian financial departments.

The Restructuring of US Financial Regulatory System and its Implications(No.17, 2016)


Since the Great Depression in 1929, the US financial regulatory system has made adjustmentsin light of new conditions when crisis broke out or the financial system went through significant changes.

The Transition of Financial Regulation Framework of “BRICs” and Relevant Enlightenments(No.16, 2016)


They visited central banks, financial supervisory and management departments and major financial institutions in the three countries.

Promoting Venture Capital Investment Plus Bank Loan Business Model with ClearRegulatory Framework(No.13, 2016)


In recent years, venture capital investment plus bank loan business model has become more and more popular in banking sector.

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