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China's financial leasing industry: Present and future development (No 84, 2015)


Since 2007, China's financial leasing industry has witnessed a rapid development, mainly driven by the following three factors.

Approach to and countermeasures for the division of supervision in financial leasing industry (No 83, 2015)


Supervision plays an essential role in the development of China's financial leasing industry.

How to improve the efficiency of local financial regulation: A case study on small-loan companies in Jiangsu Province (No 78, 2015)


In order to promote the sound development of financial institutions, prevent and relieve regional financial risks, the efficiency of local financial regulation must be improved continuously.

Reform of financial liberalization in Japan- experience and inspirations (No 70, 2015)


The Japanese government exercised a rather strict regulation on financial sectors.

Reform of financial liberalization in South Korea: experience and inspirations (No 69, 2015)


In the 1960s, South Korea launched the economic growth mode driven by State-owned economy.

Social financing scale in the new normal: Moderate contraction is reasonable (No 65, 2015)


This paper holds that moderate contraction of social financing scale in the new normal is considered reasonable.

Suggestions for further promoting regional financial reform -- Financial reform in Wenzhou (No 64, 2015)


Financial reform in Wenzhou has made much progress and gained some experience since it was launched.

The financial system with an "extractive feature" and its detriment to innovation and economic growth (No 58, 2015)


The purpose of this paper is to make clear the negative effect mechanism yielded by the finance system with an extractive feature on innovation and economic growth.