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How to effectively lower high interest rate in non-governmental organizations - A case study on small-loan companies (No 55, 2015)


High interest has become an impediment to both the healthy development of non-government financial organizations such as small-loan companies, pawns and non-government capital management companies, as well as to the service efficiency provided to the real economy.

Non-government capital management companies: Current situation, obstacles and policy options (No 54, 2015)


Emerging in regional finance reform in recent years, non-government capital management companies are new types of non-government financial organizations.

International financial laws: Development trend and implications to China (No 47, 2015)


This paper provides a comparison between the two international law systems, the Anglo-American Law System and the Continental Law System.

P2P industry: Overview and problems (No 39, 2015)


P2P industry is an important part of Internet finance.

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