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Industrial Economy

China's carbon emission reduction stakeholders and their behaviors (No 137, 2014)


This survey of carbon emissions reduction stakeholders in China and their behaviors uses a questionnaire based on stakeholder and regulation theories in a subjective and objective way.

Resource aggregation capacity – core for sustainable development of platforms


Resource aggregation capacity is a professional competence of platform operators who integrate various strategic resources to satisfy the need of platform development.

Industrial support contributes to manufacturing productivity in China


This is a study of how industrial support has brought about an increase in productivity of manufacturing industry in China, based on data of State-owned enterprises and non-State-owned enterprises above a designated size, from 2001 to 2007.

The influence of the third industrial revolution on the global automobile industry


The third industrial revolution characterized by the wide spread and use of advanced information and communication technology is springing up worldwide.

Progress on new industrial revolution in European countries


New industries, technologies, industrial trends, and modes have emerged as global technological innovation got more active after the global financial crisis, producing a new industrial and technological revolution.

Essentials and policy implications of industrial platform development


A platform is the carrier and medium of the connection and interaction of various parties and uses the same frame or structure to build an individual business system.

Demand on steel products will grow steadily with high price


The macro control policy has produced significant impact on supply and demand and price of steel products.

The steel market: roughly balanced supply to demand at high and fluctuating price


During the third quarter, the policy of macro control continued to show its effect. Fixed asset investment increase in the steel industry dropped back substantially, and over-heating of investment noticeably subsided.

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