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Industrial Economy

The development of service outsourcing industry in the new era and policy options (No 92, 2015)


The essence of service outsourcing is the service driven by technology, a process of transforming tasks into data-based information and transmitting the data-processed information based-on information technology.

Build the He-Tong industrial corridor to support the strong rise of Anhui in Central China (No 89, 2015)


As a product of industrialization, industrial corridor refers to the evolution and layout along the axes of industrial development.

New driving force for China's economy in the later stage of industrialization (No 87, 2015)


After China entered the later stage of industrialization in 2012 and its economic and social development stepped into the stage of "new normal", China is faced with the transformation of economic structure and growth power.

A quantitative evaluation on the openness of China's service industry (No 72, 2015)


This paper evaluates respectively the openness of China's service industry relating to China's commitment on WTO accession, policy-based openness and actual openness through three methods.

International competitiveness of China's food industry enterprises: Current situation, problems and countermeasures (No 68, 2015)


With further development of economic globalization, China's food industry enterprises are confronting competition from well-performed international enterprises.

How does the government formulate and implement industrial technology plan --Take energy industry as an example (No 66, 2015)


The 3rd Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee came up with the decision that the market should play a leading role for technology research.

Transition from traditional media to new media — Efforts, results and experience on integral development of media of Hunan broadcasting system (No 50, 2015)


To promote the integration of traditional media with new media is a major strategic development in line with the decision made by CPC Central Committee.

Policy options for the reform of institutional mechanism of logistics innovation (No 43, 2015)


Promotion of logistics innovation plays a key role in the economic development pattern transition.

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