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Macro Economy

Decline of leading industries and the prospects for new normal growth (No 183, 2014)


A substantial growth drop in the three leading industries of mechanical and electrical product manufacturing, real estate and auto-making is a direct contributor to China's slowing GDP growth rate in recent years.

Quantitative analysis of ownership structure influence on economic operations (No 158, 2014)


Ownership structure has a profound influence on macroeconomic operations.

Suggestions on promoting affordable housing construction by means of PPP model


China is now undertaking arduous work in affordable housing construction with great financial burden.

International experience and implications of PPP models


A Public—Private—Partnership (PPP) refers to cooperation between government and the private sector in providing goods and services.

Suggestions on power and expenditure responsibility separation


Separating power in a scientific way and making power commensurate with expenditure responsibility are an important part of a modern fiscal system.

Improving China's fiscal and monetary policies


As China's economy started to change after 2003, it began adjusting fiscal and monetary policies to maintain stable economic operations during various phases of the economic cycle.

Stopping the assaults against doctors


There have been reports of many cases of assault, insults, and even injuries to doctors recently across the country.

Analysis of decline in China's economic growth


China's economic growth rate has been declining recently for the following reasons.

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