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Macro Economy

Promote Positive Interaction between Reform and Innovation and Develop New Growth Drivers (No 105, 2015)


Reform and innovation mark two major sources for productivity improvement under the new normal.

Scaling efficiency heights (No 75, 2015)


Since 2014, people have reached a common consensus that China's economy has entered a state of new normal.

The shield of the evolvement of economic bubbles to bubble economy (No 73, 2015)


Economic bubbles give expression to the deviation of asset price from the value of stocks and real property.

Case study on the development of mixed ownership economy in China — Experience and inspirations drawn from Harbin Institute of Technology Group on developing mixed ownership economy (No 49, 2015)


Competitive edge, dominance and influence of State-owned economy could gain advantage from development of mixed ownership economy.

Development of the mixed ownership economy in China: Main problems & countermeasures (No 48, 2015)


Development of mixed ownership economy is favorable for enhancing the competitive edge, dominance and influence of State-owned economy.

Business operators' judgment on China's macro-economic situation and on business operation as well as their prospects (No 10, 2015)


This paper is the first part of the Report of 2014 Follow-up Survey of Chinese Enterprise Operators.

Aggregate policy and structural policy complementing each other in macro-control (No 8, 2015)


In a monetary economy, nominal aggregate demand decides real aggregate supply in the short term.

How Orange County deals with its debt crisis and the implications for China (No 3, 2015)


By the end of 1994, there was a financial crisis in Orange County, California, US, caused by its huge losses in financial derivative transactions.