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China's potential for increased productivity and prospects for economic growth (No 171, 2014)


Some scholars recently said that total factor productivity has made little contribution to China's rapid economic development and has played a less important role than it has in other East Asian economies.

State-owned assets operating agency's international experience (No 170, 2014)


Temasek, Norway Government Pension Fund Global and EDF Group are representatives of three types of State-owned assets operating institutions.

Cause and effect on 3-tier collective ownership in rural areas (No 169, 2014)


The rural collective ownership came into being during the agricultural production cooperation period when there was a 2-tier system characterized by unified operations and separate management of the cooperatives and production teams.

Increasing efforts in personnel special zone construction (No 168, 2014)


Building the personnel special zone and pilot personnel administration reform zone are important.

Suggestions on promoting the sound development of rural property transfer and trading market (No 167, 2014)


Promoting the sound development of rural property transfer and trading market is related to realizing the goal of giving more property rights to farmers in the course of deepening rural reform in a comprehensive way.

Current development trend of the rural property transfer and trading market and related problems (No 166, 2014)


A large number of comprehensive rural property trading markets have appeared across the country in the past few years and they've played a role in promoting rural property transfer and improving efficiency in factor allocation in rural areas.

Preliminary research findings in big data analysis of China's guarantee circle (No 165, 2014)


Mutual and joint guaranty have become an important reason behind distrust among enterprises.

Primary study on asset bubbles formation and evolution (No 164, 2014)


From the perspective of normal fluctuations and structural adjustment of the economy, this paper redefines asset bubbles as a self-circulating system in some parts of the national economy, based on "unreal" factors.