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New driving force for China's economy in the later stage of industrialization (No 87, 2015)


After China entered the later stage of industrialization in 2012 and its economic and social development stepped into the stage of "new normal", China is faced with the transformation of economic structure and growth power.

Explore new strategic zones for Chinese economy (No 86, 2015)


To accelerate the building of new strategic zones is not only the urgent corresponding measure to be taken to adapt to the economic new normal, but also the inherent need to lead the economic new normal and improve China's international competitiveness.

How does the NSF-funded fundamental research meet demands? (No 85, 2015)


The fundamental research funded by the US National Science Foundation is divided into two categories.

China's financial leasing industry (No 84, 2015)


Since 2007, China's financial leasing industry has witnessed a rapid development, mainly driven by the following three factors.

Approach to and countermeasures for the division of supervision in financial leasing industry (No 83, 2015)


Supervision plays an essential role in the development of China's financial leasing industry.

Intra-provincial employment during 13th Five-Year Plan Period (No 82, 2015)


According to survey results, the proportion of rural migrants obtaining intra-provincial employment has accounted for more than 70% on a national level.

Inspirations drawn from the practice of compiling consolidated financial statements in Orange County of California (No 81, 2015)


Compiling consolidated financial statements is currently one of the most important parts of China's fiscal reform.

To summarize and optimize the mode of development zone for the enhancement of "One Belt and One Road" strategy (No 80, 2015)


The "One Belt and One Road" Initiative is intended for the establishment of a sea-road combined multi-dimensional passage system, in which the key joints and programs would fan out from different points and lines and get integrated into belts.