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Suggestions on launching pilot projects of State-owned capital investment companies (No 161, 2014)


State-owned capital investment companies serve as an isolation layer between the government and State-owned enterprises and they are different to some extent.

Cooperation in Trade and Investment: Key to the Belt and Road Initiative


DRC's preliminary work to prepare for "The Belt and Road Initiative: Inspirations and Opportunities" seminar.

Improving State-owned assets management system (No 160, 2014)


The government needs to improve the State-owned assets management system by separating the supervision, decision-making, and implementation.

The regulating model of State-owned assets under SASAC: Preliminary evaluation and suggestions (No 159, 2014)


This explains the basic features, advantages, disadvantages, and reasons behind the supervisory model.

A Quantitative analysis of ownership structure impact on economic operations – An empirical study on 2000-2012 experiences (No 158, 2014)


Ownership structure has a profound influence on macroeconomic operations and growth.

Suggestions on establishing a physical platform for further Sino-African cooperation (No 157, 2014)


China and Africa have seen some good results in cooperation.

Increased pollution control in China's dyeing and printing industries (No 156, 2014)


China's printing and dyeing industry has an important role in its textile industry.

Major problems in China's rainwater utilization and how to deal with them (No 155, 2014)


Rainwater utilization is important in dealing with urban water shortages and flooding, and for improving the urban environment.