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Predicting China's peak coal demand and response (No 138, 2014)


In view of the fact that the resource and environment situation is increasingly serious, there is good reason to try to predict China's peak coal demand and do related planning in advance.

China's carbon emission reduction stakeholders and their behaviors (No 137, 2014)


This survey of carbon emissions reduction stakeholders in China and their behaviors uses a questionnaire based on stakeholder and regulation theories in a subjective and objective way.

How government promotes technological innovation through the market (No 136, 2014)


The government should improve its market technological innovation mechanism.

Enlightenment in Shenzhen's urban renewal, market-oriented and government guided


The key to sustainable urbanization is getting rid of the violent demolition that follows government orders.

The relations between city size and industrial structure


This is a study of the relationship between a city's size and its industrial structure.

Improve operating mechanism of industrial technology alliance


An industrial technology alliance is one of the most common organizational forms.

Joint insurance: risks and reforms


Joint insurance enables commercial banks to offer sufficient credit for micro-enterprises in a boom period of a business cycle.

Problems and countermeasures on China's mobile e-commerce


China's mobile e-commerce has developed rapidly in the Internet age and is doing business via mobile phones and influencing people's consumer patterns and payment methods.