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Further Improving the Application of Third-Party Information in Tax Collection and Management(No.149, 2016)


As a late starter, China’s taxation informatization and the application of third-party information in tax collection and management is still quite premature.

Frequent Merging Cases of Internet Enterprises: Reasons, Impacts and Countermeasures(Report No.152, 2016)


In recent years, China has witnessed frequent merging cases of leading enterprises relating to their detailed division of horizontal businesses.

Fruit Tree-based Processing Industry: An Emerging Green Industry for Addressing Poverty Alleviation - Experience and enlightenments drawn from the development of fruit tree-based processing industry in Shaanxi Province(No.151, 2016)


Fruit tree-based processing industry is an emerging green industry developed under the backdrop of China’s conservation of natural forests and market demand for non-polluted wood, as well as a sector boasting broad market potential against an all-around ban on commercial felling of natural forests.

The Rapid Development of Financial Asset Management Corporations: Analysis and Enlightenments(No.148,2016)


Since the restructuring reform in 2010, the Financial Asset Management Corporations have witnessed a swift development.

The Reform, Supervision and Government Support Relating to the Development of Ordnance Industry in Developed Countries: Experience and Enlightenments(Special Issue No. 44, 2016)


The civil-military integration (CMI) finds its expression not only in technology and products, but also in the change of industrial organization.