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The Number, Type and Industrial Distribution of Mixed-ownership Enterprises(No 192, 2015)


Developing the mixed-ownership economy is a crucial measure for deepening state-owned enterprise reform.

Jiaxing’s Efforts to Break the Urban-Rural Dual Structure and Enlightenments(No 178, 2015)


Jiaxing city in Zhejiang province has made efforts to break the urban-rural dual structure and promote an integrated urban and rural development.

Pilot Practice for China’s Textile Industry to Go Global and Policy Options: A Survey on the Industrial Park of Dongnai Province in Vietnam(No 177, 2015)


Asthe world’s largest producer, exporter and consumer of textiles and garments, China boasts a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain with a certain number of superior enterprises as well as technological, capital, personnel and other core resources.

Suggestions on Common Sharing of Facilities for Major Nuclear Power Scientific Experiments(Special Issue No 62, 2015)


Among China’s nuclear power scientific research facilities, many are set aside and enterprises have made repeated investment in large numbers.

Further Reform of Railway System in the New Era(No.1, 2016)


China's railway has made initialseparation of government administration from the management of enterprises and achieved some progress in railway reform...

The Sharing Mechanism of US Platform for Scientific Research Instruments and Implications(Special Issue No 61, 2015)


These platforms can be divided into such two categories as contract purchasing and cooperative funding.

Strategy for Upgrading the Competitiveness of Emerging Powers (No.197, 2015)


In the course of economic globalization, there are winners and losers.

Some Typical Cases of Methodology-Based Reforms at All Times and in All Countries (Special Issue No.55, 2015)


History has proved that the methods and manners adopted in promoting reform are vital to success.