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China's Enterprise Innovation Policy System (No 142, 2015)


This paper devises approaches to measure policies based on statistic methods and gives a quantitative analysis of the periodic features and problems of China’s enterprise innovation policy system.

Industrial and Spatial Characteristics of Innovation (No 141, 2015)


Transformation to innovation-driven economy is an important way for China to address challenges.

Build "Joint Party Branches" to Resolve Social Governance Problems (No 140, 2015)


Social governance in inter-regional areas between neighbouring provincesis a prominent problem.

Approaches and Countermeasures towards Current Regional Divergence (No 139, 2015)


Ever since China's economy entered the state of new normal, divergence among regions has become much more prominent due to different development stages and capacities.

The Impact of Local Governments' Debt Swap Program on Listed Banks (No 138, 2015)


This paper aims at a quantitative measurement of the impact imposed by local governments' bond-for-debt swap program on listed banks.

How High a Non-Performing Loan Ratio could China's Financial System Endure? (No 137, 2015)


This paper made an estimation of the capability of China's banking system.

Experience from Five Times of "Stable Growth" since the Founding of New China (No 136, 2015)


The present economic downturn shares some characteristics with the previous five times but also differs significantly.

Reasons for Three Economic Downturns since Reform and Opening-up and Relevant Management Measures (No 135, 2015)


This paper analyzes reasons for China's three economic downturns since the reform and opening-up as well as management measures relating to these downturns.