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Major Measures and Factors Concerning the Promotion of Green Development (No 126, 2015)


China's energy demand and resource consumption are experiencing a rigid growth.

Cultivate the Soil of Innovation for Green Development (No 125, 2015)


Pushing ahead with green technology innovation is a critical path to fundamentally realizing the "decoupling" of economic development from environmental pollution and resource depletion.

Transitional Changes and Rebalancing Relating to China's Economic Performance (No 123, 2015)


In the course of economic operation, supply and demand affect each other while macroeconomic performance and restructuring reinforce each other.

Evaluation on the Adoption of Selective Two-Child Policy and Suggestions on Future Population Policies (No 124, 2015)


Over one year after the selective two-child policy was promulgated, the number of applicants only took up 12 per cent of the target group.

Analysis on Coordinated Application of China's Industry Policies and Competition Policies in the New Era (No 122, 2015)


China has long laid particular stress on industry policy, which has played a significant role in expanding the economic aggregate.

Accelerate the Displacement of Distributive Boilers and Increase the Proportion of Central Heating Supplied by Co-generation of Heat and Power (No 121, 2015)


The Strategic Initiatives of Energy Development 2014-2020 puts forward the strategy that energy development should take conservation as the top priority as well as the strategy relating to low-carbon and green development.

Development Features and Future Performance of China's Cultural Industry (No 120, 2015)


China has achieved gratified results by promoting cultural reform in critical areas and key links.

Policy Options on Promoting the Development of China's Cultural Industry under New Circumstances (No 119, 2015)


China will for some time in the future witness a critical stage of deepened reform in an all-around way along with economic transformation and upgrading.