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The Development China's Urban Service Industry under the Backdrop of Green Development and Relevant Policy Options (No 94, 2015)


Currently the development of service industry has already become the concentrated expression of cities' comprehensive strength and degree of modernization.

International experience for promoting regional infrastructure Construction (No 93, 2015)


Infrastructure construction programs would be launched in succession with Belt and Road Initiative.

The development of service outsourcing industry in the new era and policy options (No 92, 2015)


The essence of service outsourcing is the service driven by technology, a process of transforming tasks into data-based information and transmitting the data-processed information based-on information technology.

The core of agricultural modernization: Improving labor productivity (No 91, 2015)


Small scale operation and low labor productivity are the weak links restricting China's agricultural modernization.

Taking cultural tourism as a starting point for green transformation in areas with favorable conditions (No 90, 2015)


In places where conditions permit, cultural tourism is a new engine for economic growth, a booster for green development and catalyst for people's well-being, playing an important role in promoting regional green transformation.

Build the He-Tong industrial corridor to support the strong rise of Anhui in Central China (No 89, 2015)


As a product of industrialization, industrial corridor refers to the evolution and layout along the axes of industrial development.

Measures for relieving regional financial risks and relevant inspirations (No 88, 2015)


Since 2012, the regular financial system in Wenzhou city has witnessed sustained risks which have loomed up along the enterprise guarantee chain with a large scale.

New driving force for China's economy in the later stage of industrialization (No 87, 2015)


After China entered the later stage of industrialization in 2012 and its economic and social development stepped into the stage of "new normal", China is faced with the transformation of economic structure and growth power.