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Doctors' work and remuneration: International experiences and inspirations (No 9, 2015)


This paper studies doctors' work and pay in the UK, Germany, the US, Singapore and China.

Aggregate policy and structural policy complementing each other in macro-control (No 8, 2015)


In a monetary economy, nominal aggregate demand decides real aggregate supply in the short term.

Promoting the transformation of regional financing platforms into companies (No 7, 2015)


Assets of regional financing platforms account for more than half of local government assets.

Pushing forward greater mixed ownership development (No 6, 2015)


China has had some achievements in its mixed ownership economy but there is still a lot to be done.

Comprehending State-owned companies' function of providing social services (No 5, 2015)


The focus of State-owned companies providing social services is their supplies of water, heat, electricity, and logistics.

Industrial commons: a new tool sharpening the competitive edge of industrial clusters (No 4, 2015)


The industrial commons is a system that supports the development of related industrial groups.

How Orange County deals with its debt crisis and the implications for China (No 3, 2015)


By the end of 1994, there was a financial crisis in Orange County, California, US, caused by its huge losses in financial derivative transactions.

Suggestions on accelerating industrial development in national high-tech zones (No 2, 2015)


China's national high-tech zones, with their policy advantages in technology R&D, personnel introduction, and industrial distribution, have provided a good external environment for new, high-tech industries.