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A Study of Public Administration in Areas Where Migrant Residents Outnumber Permanent Residents


China has seen an increasing number of mass disturbances over the past few years and most were due to back pay, housing demolitions and land acquisitions.

The Economic Effects and Strategic Countermeasures of Cloud Computing Applications in China


The book gives an introduction of cloud computing, representing new generation communication technologies and revolutionary changes in the IT industry.

The Great Adjustment: Main Features and Trends of the World Economy


The author uses an innovative research framework and Stochastic Frontier Analysis to examine globalisation, international trade, cross-border investment, international finance, and technological progress - the five major problems affecting the global economy.

Research on Interest Rate Liberalization Reform


The book introduces that strict interest rate controls have existed in most countries and successful interest rate liberalization needs to be realized gradually and may take 10 to 20 years.

A Study on China’s Agrarian Institutional Change


The authors offer policy suggestions - based on various studies - to explore how to improve the basic operating system in rural areas and to make innovations concerning the agricultural production and operation system.

Improving Social Policies in the Process of Urbanization


The author analyzes the achievements and challenges in the process of China's urbanization, and makes suggestions concerning the improvement of social policies in the process of China's urbanization.

Housing Market: Regulation and Policy


The author analyzes many issues concerning China's housing market, such as its characteristics, government regulation, the main influencing factors, major housing policy tools and their mechanism, and housing policies.

Global Agricultural Strategies: China’s Food Security Framework from a Global Perspective


The author suggests that China should adjust its national food security strategic boundaries and build a new food security strategy that is focused on domestic supply and supplemented by global supply.