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Transition and Upgrading of China’s Manufacturing Industry: Paths, Mechanisms and Policies


The book analyzes China's industrial technology innovations and innovation environment, and puts forward overall thoughts and policy suggestions on improving the innovation environment and promoting innovation.

China’s Carrying Capacity for Mid- and Long-Term Liability and Systematic Risk


The book studies the central government's debt capacity and systemic risk by starting the discussion of possible changes in China's financial revenue and expenditure in the period of slowed economic growth.

Impact of Rising Costs of Production Factors on China’s Manufacturing Industry and Related Policy Research


The book analyses in-depth the effect of rising costs of production factors on industrial layout, transfer and cluster based on a thorough understanding of the mechanism of how rising costs of production factors affect industrial competitiveness.

Attacking the Fortress (II): A Study on How to Push Forward China’s Economic Reform in Key Areas


The book is a major achievement of the Development Research Center of the State Council for 2011 and 2012.It integrates theories with practices and combines comprehensive research and special studies to discuss the general layout and key fields of reform.

Attacking the Fortress (I): A Study on Key Areas and Implementation Mechanisms for Deepening China’s Reform


The book analyzes in-depth China's economic system reform.To promote economic development transformation, help China become a high-income country and rejuvenate the Chinese nation, the country must deepen reforms of the economic system and promote the construction of a comprehensive system.

Mechanism and Policy Options for Stabilizing Chinese Grain Market


The book makes a preliminary assessment of the effects and problems of China's macroeconomic food regulation and control at present based on in-depth research. It also explores basic characteristics as well as medium and long-term trends of China's food problems amidst industrialisation.

Research on the Road of Agricultural Modernization with Chinese Characteristics


Sustainable agriculture is a product of modern agriculture, and the full development of modern agriculture is the foundation of sustainable agricultural development. China's future agricultural modernisation should learn from experiences of developed countries and continue to improve labor productivity through breakthroughs in science and technology.

OTC Equity Markets in China: Development & Innovation


The author analyzes the development, current situation and existing problems of China's OTC equities market as well as its major operation model and trading system. He also focuses on the experience of other countries, and offers suggestions concerning institutional problems related to China's OTC equities market.