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Asset Bubble: International Experience and Status Quo in China


The author conducted comparative research on the economic bubble of various foreign economies, the direction of China's economic bubble, and local debt problems, and offers measures to avoid and dissolve economic bubbles in China and also ways to deal with government hidden debt based on the experience of other countries.

Distribution of National Income: Difficulties and Solutions


The authors use various charts and data to analyze four major problems in the field of current income distribution.The authors suggest that the country should aim to improve its market economic system and speed up the transformation of government functions.

China's Agricultural Subsidies: Institutional Design and Policy Choices


This book explores the policy choices and institutional framework for the agricultural subsidies in the middle stage of China's industrialization which aim to secure the supply of major agricultural products and to increase the incomes of farmers.

Civilianizing the Rural Migrants: Institutional Innovation and Top-Level Policy Design


The authors of this book carried out comprehensive research on the theories and policies concerning the citizenization of migrant workers.

Low-Carbon Trade: Structural Adjustment under Energy Conservation Goals


China is an emerging market in the middle and late stage of industrialization. Its economic and social development has faced serious environmental and resource constraints for a long time.

Strategic Opportunities for China in the Wake of Global Crisis


The book analyzes six strategic opportunities brought by the global financial crisis for China's opening-up and provides suggestions to realize the opportunities.

The Regionalization of RMB


The book does a thorough analysis of the possible macroscopic and microscopic interests related to RMB regionalization and the potential risks in the process.

Internet Governance in China


The Internet is the greatest invention of the 20th century and has penetrated into political, social, economic and cultural fields.On the other hand, it has become a hotbed for network security issues, malicious information and online crime.