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Rural Economy

Judgment on Per Capita Peak Food Demand in China(No.35, 2016)


Increased income drives on the upgrading of food structure of urban and rural residents in China.

Global Strategic Investment of Cargill Incorporated: Experience and Enlightenments(No. 108, 2016)


Cargill’s business has covered more than 70 countries and regions all over the world.

Build Beautiful Villages and Develop a Sound Economy: The Experience of Building Beautiful Villages in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province and Relevant Inspirations(No.107, 2016)


The experience of Yongkang City shows that the construction of beautiful villages in the new era should attach equal importance to both construction and development

Urgent Need to Improve Utilization of Agricultural Water Resources in Main Grain Producing Areas(No. 36, 2016)


The constraints of water resources in major grain producing areas have become increasingly grim.

Experience and Implications of China’s Agricultural Restructuring(No.18, 2016)


Since reform and opening-up,the structure of agricultural production in China has gone through profound adjustments along with the change in the internal and external conditions of agricultural production and relevant policy reforms.

Jiaxing’s Efforts to Break the Urban-Rural Dual Structure and Enlightenments(No 178, 2015)


Jiaxing city in Zhejiang province has made efforts to break the urban-rural dual structure and promote an integrated urban and rural development.

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