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Rural Economy

Explorations into rural community construction: A survey of community construction through village revocation in Zhucheng, Shandong Province (No 175, 2014)


Rural community construction is quite common in rural development, but it is not an easy thing.

Suggestions for the healthy development of the rural property transfer and trading market (No 167, 2014)


Promoting the sound development of rural property transfer and trading market is related to realizing the goal of giving more property rights to farmers in the course of deepening rural reform in a comprehensive way.

Current development of the rural property transfer and trading market and related problems (No 166, 2014)


A large number of comprehensive rural property trading markets have appeared across the country in the past few years and they've played a role in promoting rural property transfer and improving efficiency in factor allocation in rural areas.

Basic principles for land transfer (No 152, 2014)


Transfer of rural land concerns the welfare of hundreds of millions of farmers, and economic and social development.

Agriculture, farmer and rural work in the new period (No 151, 2014)


President Xi Jinping has said that China can become strong, beautiful and wealthy only if its agriculture is strong, rural areas are beautiful and farmers get better-off.

Collective Construction Site Marketization


The report selected three villages to analyze their practice and its effects, as well as the policies and institutional obstacles to the independent urbanization of farmers.

Status, Problems and Countermeasures of China's 'Going Out' fisheries policy


After nearly 30-year of development, China has become one of the world's major deep-sea fishing countries, with fisheries accounting for a major of its “going out” policy for agriculture.

Issues and policy suggestions regarding reform of grain circulation system


The reform for China's grain circulation system has entered a sophisticated stage. We should grasp the key issues to deepen reform of grain circulation system.