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Innovation Development

The opportunities and challenges facing the western region in receiving the relocating international service industry


The primary goal for the western region in the development strategy is to build an independent industrial sector.

The connotation of general purpose technology and the judging standard


The concept of general-purpose technology is closely related to policy making, which is influenced by the level of economic and technology development.

Sales of sedan car witness adjustment with possible stable growth


In the first half of the year,production of cars in China is growing steadily with a declining sales record. Under this background, since the second quarter of the year, supply has exceeded demand and this trend will continue.

Financing for the bio-industry: situation, problems, and suggestions


Lacking of capital and difficult financing are the critical problems facing China's bio-industry.

Promote the bio-industry as a new sector for economic development


The bio-industry is at present time a leading strategic industry full of vitality.

Bio-industry financing in the US: features and development trend


The American capital market is the biggest and the most active one in the world, with the greatest trading size and highest maturity degree.

From R&D departments to enterprises: survey and report from Hubei province


In transforming the R&D departments into enterprises, a wide range of relevant areas are touched. Generally speaking, the restructured agencies perform well, however problems exist due to various constraints.

Technical barriers in export and impact on Beijing's business


Beijing's export businesses are impacted by technical barriers in textile, light industry, pharmacy, foodstuffs, animal products and electromechanical products.

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