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Innovation Development

The state intellectual property strategy system should be established in no time


In face of fierce international competition and stern intellectual property challenge, intellectual property strategy has become an important component part of the state development strategy.

The technological transfer of British Technological Group (BTG)


BTG is a well-known intermediary agency for science and technology in the world. Based on market demand, it has been dedicating itself to selecting technological items, introducing them to the market through effective means and realizing the commercialization of technology.

Probing into the combination of technical property trade and enterprises hatching -- research on the technical property exchange of optic valley of China, Wuhan


The Optic Valley Exchange provides a convenient channel to make a match among technology, industry and capital, and makes new progress in the research of the combination of technical trade and enterprises hatching.

The technological trading measures and operation of ROK


The development and evolution of intellectual property protection system is closely related to the various stages of economic and social development.

The tendency and current situation of retail channel of household appliances in China


With first-hand data, this paper describes the changes in retail channel and market structure of household appliances in China.

The policy measures adopted by the US federal and state governments for encouraging the development of high-tech enterprises


US federal and state governments have adopted a series of policies to foster the development of high-tech enterprises.

Stop doing what should not be done and do what needs to be done


Now that "the reduction in state shares" that should not be done is stopped, the "unification of stock market"that needs to be done has to be done.

The successful experience of Stanford University in terms of technology transfer


Stanford University is the founder for contemporary technology transfer in American universities.