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Innovation Development

Performance review on US e-government


The government information resource management, the cost-benefit analysis of government project and the administration performance review are the three main component parts providing institutional basis for US E-government and its review.

The aviation industry: integration is preferred to disintegration


Facing more "anti-monopoly" issues in the aviation industry, a confusion of government monopoly with business monopoly is caused and is becoming a misleading notion with significant consequence in the business.

To expand market for China


To develop the regional aviation market and the market of jets for various purposes is to nurture China's aeronautic industry.

Challenge facing Indian IT industry and enlightenment for China


The Indian IT industry is facing a series of challenges such as a more conservative US policy on relocating service industry abroad a retreating policy for European countries in off- shore outsourcing service, the difficulty in the upgrading of IT industry and an over dependency on international market and foreign capital.

Technology progress vs "science and technology progress"


The term "technology progress" is an internationally accepted term in economics whereas the term "science and technology progress" is used specially in China in government documents and articles.

The sustained development of passenger vehicle industry depends on improvement of consumption environment


During the third quarter, sales of passenger vehicles continued to decline, and supply continued to exceed demand.

General purpose technology research: its position in China’s technology strategy and problems to be tackled


The major purpose of government's support for general-purpose technology research is to develop an organizational framework that will enable more efficient use of government funds in the research, dissemination, and utilization of general-purpose technology.

Government support on general-purpose technology research: common rules and organizations


There exist common rules for the general-purpose technology research to be supported by governments in different countries.