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Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy


This department researches national strategies and policies for mid- and long-term economic development. It makes policy recommendations and mid- and long-term forecasts. It also carries out research on strategies and policies for regional economic development. Its main research fields involve national mid- and long-term development strategies, regional economic development, and policy analysis modeling and application.

—National mid-and-long-term development strategy. Long-term trend in China's economic growth; general regularities in the evolving stage of economic development and issues of development strategy; adjustment of economic structure; mode of economic growth and development models; the interaction between Chinese economy and the world economy; other important issues in the mid-and-long-term development of China.

—Regional economic development. Mid-and-long-term trend in the patterns of regional economic development in China; economic cooperation between domestic regions; Relationship between macro-economic situation and regional economic operations; impacts of macroeconomic policy on regional economic development; analysis, appraisal and comparison of regional competitiveness; development strategies, planning and policies for the underdeveloped regions and specified regions; effects of trans-national regional cooperation on domestic regional development; international comparison of regional development strategies and policies.

—Policy analysis modeling and application. Conduct policy simulation by using tools and models of quantitative analyses. The Department has developed a number of multi-sector dynamic models and relevant database.

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